Leto-Group <<Summer Collection>>

12.09.2001 - 16.09.2001
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Anton1-C Gosha15-Arbat Gosha17-Arbat Gosha1-Arbat Gosha2-C
Anton1-C.jpg Gosha15-Arbat.jpg Gosha17-Arbat.jpg Gosha1-Arbat.jpg Gosha2-C.jpg
Gosha3-C Kolya11-P Kolya17-P Kolya19-P Kolya1-P
Gosha3-C.jpg Kolya11-P.jpg Kolya17-P.jpg Kolya19-P.jpg Kolya1-P.jpg
Kolya4-P Kostya2-Arbat Kostya4-Arbat Kostya-news2-Arbat Kostya-tv-Arbat
Kolya4-P.jpg Kostya2-Arbat.jpg Kostya4-Arbat.jpg Kostya-news2-Arb... Kostya-tv-Arbat.jpg

I have all foto in better quality: 720x576 jpeg (12). You can send me e-mail and I dive it for you.
Max Iliukhin:  i-max@narod.ru

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